Members at St Mary Magdalene'sThis church exists to serve all who live within the parish boundaries, as well as any others who choose to worship here. If you live in Belmont or Carrville, or the eastern end of Gilesgate, you are probably a member already if you would like to be! Living in the parish means you are fully entitled to have your wedding or funeral here, for example, whether or not you regularly attend church.

Joining the Electoral roll

The next level of membership is joining the Electoral Roll of the parish. This means that you get to vote for who represents the church community on the Parochial Church Council (PCC), and means we have your contact details and can invite you to events, visit you when needed, and so on. Anyone over 16 years old who lives in the parish can join the Electoral Roll at any time, and if you live outside the parish you can join if you have attended worship here regularly for at least 6 months.


Another way that people normally demonstrate their membership of the church is by regular giving. For more information about giving to St Mary Magdalene, see our Giving page.