Wedding FAQs

Can I get married here?

Anyone who lives within the parish boundaries is legally entitled to be married in your parish church. You can find out which parish you live in by entering your postcode on the A church near you website).

If you live in another parish, you can still get married here if you have a connection with this parish, or if you come to worship here regularly for six months. The connections are explained in more detail on the Your Church Wedding website.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a connection: if you come to church here (to any of our services) at least once a month for six months, you will have established a legal connection.

If you live abroad, or you or your fiancé are not EU citizens, please contact the vicar for specific advice.

How much does it cost?

There are two parts to the cost of getting married here: the statutory fee for a church wedding, which is set nationally and subject to annual increments, and locally charged optional extras, such as an organist. For 2014 the statutory fees are £392.00, with an additional £21.00 for the calling of your banns (£413.00 in total). For more information see our Wedding Costs information sheet.

What if I or my fiancé are divorced?

The Vicar and PCC are happy to welcome divorced couples to discuss marrying here. You will need to be prepared to discuss your previous marriage with the vicar, as we need to follow the Church of England guidelines.

You will also need to show the Vicar your decree absolute certificate(s), so please find them (or order a new copy from the registry office) once you’ve made an appointment!

Are they any restrictions on what we can do in our wedding?

Yes and no!

We have to use the Church of England wedding service (see it, and the alternative options on the Your Church Wedding website).

But we can add in all sorts of other things, such as additional poems, solos or performances by children/friends, etc.

In particular, please note that we don’t have to do the wedding in any particular style. Many couples want ‘a traditional wedding’, and we do that very well, but if you want something different that’s fine too!

Some of the more unusual requests the vicar has agreed to in the past include having owls deliver the rings (it didn’t go very well though!); having a dog as a bridesmaid; combining the wedding service with the baptism of the couple’s children; and having all the music provided by the bride’s father’s ceilidh band.

You don’t have to wear white, or be walked down the aisle by your father, unless you want to. Discuss any ideas you have with the vicar: she is open to most suggestions!

What about Civil Partnerships?

The Vicar is happy to hold services of prayers and blessing following civil marriages or civil partnership ceremonies. Please contact her to discuss what you would like, as there is not necessarily a set format for these services. Charges for these services are variable, from those equivalent to the wedding service, if you wish to have a big wedding-style service with all that involves, to nothing for prayers within one of our usual services.

The first step is to talk to the Vicar. Come along to a service one Sunday at 10.30am to meet her, or contact her to arrange an appointment.